Terms of Business

Terms of business and conditions of charter

  1. A provisional reservation will be accepted and held for a maximum of seven days. If confirmation of the booking and a deposit or not received within this period, the reservation may be released without notice.
  2. A deposit of £200 is required to confirm a booking. The balance of monies due is payable at least 30 days before the date reserved.
  3. A deposit will be refunded should the vessel or car be rebooked providing three weeks written notice of cancellation be given by the customer. The customer will be liable for any balance of the boat/car hire and the cost of any goods or services reserved on the customer’s behalf should cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, take place during the three weeks prior to the date reserved unless the vessel and all services reserved are rebooked.
  4. All instructions concerning the supply of food and drinks must be made at least two weeks before the date reserved. Instructions can only be accepted from one organiser or representative. The company (Vintage Days Out Limited) reserves the right to refuse to accept the changes after this date.
  5. Customers are not permitted to bring their own food or drink aboard other than by prior arrangement with the company. In this case, there will be a corkage charge of £5 per bottle for wines and £10 per bottle for champagne.
  6. Parents are responsible for the safety and behaviour of their children. Lifejackets are available and will be produced on request.
  7. In the interests of safety, it is recommended that children wear life jackets and are accompanied by an adult when using any open deck.
  8. Neither the company (Vintage Days Out Limited) nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for any injury, damage, loss, illness, accident or delay to persons embarked or their possessions howsoever caused, whether sustained in the car/on board the vessel or whilst embarking/ disembarking, save insofar as it results from their proven negligence. Passengers use cars and vessels, steps, gangplanks, open decks, handrails, landing stages etc. that their own risk.
  9. The company (Vintage Days Out Limited) may at the discretion of the skipper/driver vary the course of the route should circumstances in their opinion so necessitate. The company (Vintage Days Out Limited) does not guarantee that any vessel/car will commence or complete any journey or part thereof in any given time or if conditions render it unsafe. While the company (Vintage Days Out Limited) will endeavour to conform with the reasonable request of the customer, the skipper/driver shall alone be the sole judge, they accept no liability for any loss or inconvenience, damage or injury from failure to convey any member or members of a party howsoever caused.
  10. The skipper/driver is it sole charge of the car or vessel always and all passengers are under his/her jurisdiction whilst on board. Any party behaving in a manner likely to cause danger to the safety of themselves, others all the vehicle will be asked to disembark.
  11. In accordance with the Environment Agency (Thames region) bye laws, all music must be stopped when passing through or waiting for a lock. Customers are requested to prevent their guests from making undue noise when passing through locks, particularly at night.
  12. Losses, damages and breakages to any fixtures, fittings or equipment, particulate safety equipment e.g. Lifebuoys thrown overboard and lost will be charged for. Also included is the excessive breakages of crockery or glassware.
  13. Dogs are not allowed on board except for properly trained guide dogs.
  14. Complimentary drinks as part of packages are half bottle of wine with meals, single bottle of champagne plus soft drinks carried on board per customer.
  15. It is the responsibility of the customer to acquaint every member of their party with the above conditions of hire.